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Vysotsky in English: Presentation of the new album of Vadim Astrakhan

WhenApril 27, 7:00 p.m.
WhereOop's House of Music. 3 Rollins Ct, Rockville, MD 20852.

Do you remember that this is (still) Vladimir Vysotsky's very special year? And that we haven't yet had a chance to celebrate his 75th birthday in DC? - Then rush to mark your calendars on April 27 when you'll have a wonderful excuse to get together with other Vysotsky fans, listen to his timeless lyrics masterly translated and performed by Vadim Astrakhan of New Jersey. He's coming to DC to present his new album of Vysotsky translations - "Two Fates". 

You may check-up his website for more details on his enthusiastic service to Vysotsky and Russian poetry, in general, or, look up the video of his previous presentation at the "Russkiy Mir" Center last year.

Inspired? Disturbed?  Provoked? Intrigued?  
Come join us in the end of April and take advantage of the special promotional ticket price provided through this link to online registration. 
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