Приветствую Вас, Гость
Total Dictation in Washington DC

Congratulations, Washingtonians! 

Our city has finally become a part of the global project "Total Dictation".

Want to test your Russian? To participate in a great event aimed at promoting Russian culture and literacy? - Then you should hurry and RSVP at one of the two available sites and plan to be there at least half an hour prior to the start of the event at 3:00 p.m. Registration of participants will start at 2:00 pm.

Note, please: the number of seats is strictly limited.

1. Downtown DC ("Russkiy Mir" Center at American Councils)

2. Virginia (Russian School "Metaphor").

Take advantage of this presentation developed especially for the "Total Dictation" participants, to review online some of the grammatical bottle-necks that you might encounter during the actual dictation. 

Look-up this Russian page for more details of the event and/or browse its main website, starting with the page of our city.

Don't feel confident? - No worries! You may always choose to write your dictation anonymously and reveal your identity later, should your grade turns out to be matching your ambitions! 

All of the "Total Dictation" participants will receive special certificates. The winners will be invited to a special Award Ceremony where they will receive their Diplomas from world renowned experts. 


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1 Халилова Роза, Wu Roza  
Я заинтересована в написании диктанта. Пожалуйста примите мою заявку. Планирую учавствовать в написании диктанта в школе Метафора. Благодарю.

2 RusskiyMirDC  
Добро пожаловать, Роза! Ваше имя будет в списках гостей! Удачи на диктанте и, как говорится, - "ни пуха, ни пера"!  smile

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