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Seminar on the Russian-speaking children's bilingualism

When: March 21, 10:30 a.m.

  In cooperation with Russian Cultural Center the  "Russkiy Mir" Center plans to host a Seminar on the problem of children's bilingualism

Teachers and parents of the Russian-speaking bilingual children are very welcome to attend!

The Program of the seminar will include but won't be limited to the discussion of: 

  • Elizaveta Hamraeva's of "Drofa" Webinar: "Teaching Russian to children in the limited language environment" (Moscow,  February 29, 2012); 
  • Alexander Kuchersky's (Israel) visual experiments with the textbooks for the beginning Russian language readers;
  •  Emilia Marks of Ohio University Public Lecture "Heritage Language Learning:  Challenges and Solutions" (Columbus, January 26, 2012).
The first two authors were invited to take part in our discussion via Skype.

RSVP is required. (Contact us by: RusskiyMir.WDC@gmail.com) 

On-line participation in the seminar is possible with the prior registration and the active Skype account. 

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