Приветствую Вас, Гость
«Как я провел(а) своё лето» and “Russian Pins” show and tell social
When: October 1 (Monday), 2012, at 6:00 p.m.
Where"Russkiy Mir" Center at American Councils (See directions by this link)  

Welcome back to "school", Fellow Russophiles!

At the start of the new Fall season join us for the Russian Story-Telling Contest «Как я провел(а) своё лето» and "Russian Pins” show and tell social.  
Many thanks to Karyn Dubravetz for this interesting addition to the contest!  

Russian-learners, it’s your chance to refresh your Russian skills, to challenge your  peers and to share your summer adventures with your friends in the language of Pushkin and Tchaikovsky! Special "Gramotas” and great prizes are waiting for the three authors of the three best stories! 

Your story should be in Russian language, should not exceed 10 minutes and can be presented in whatever format you prefer.
Can't make it to our office in person? - Не беда! :-) The Jury may consider your recorded video-clip for the Contest. It should be submitted by September 29 and should be maximum 10 minutes long.

Please note... 
Native Russian-speakers, your help will be greatly needed to evaluate the presentations and to act as judges selecting the contest winners! 

Please, send your RSVP and let us know the role (presenterevaluator, or peanut galleryyou wish to play in this event.

Following the awards ceremony, be prepared to reveal your hidden treasures, those Russian pin-collections that almost every one of us have. Boast of your unique and rare artifacts, admire those of  others  and feel free to trade your pins.  Beware though, that no buying and selling should take place. This is not a commercial event - just plain fun!

Please, send your RSVP by email (RusskiyMir.WDC@gmail.com), or click "Join" on the top of the Facebook event page.
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