Приветствую Вас, Гость
International Women's Day Celebration


Happy spring, everyone!

While the weather in Washington doesn't leave any doubt that the spring is around the corner, there is another  truly springy event approaching next week - the International Women's Day

Although this holiday had originated in the U.S., nowadays it is celebrated almost exclusively in the former Soviet bloc on March 8. 

We are not going to change this authentic tradition and are pleased to invite you to our special movie screening at the "Russkiy Mir" Center next Thursday, on 6:00 p.m.    

What kind of movie are we going to view? Well, it will totally depend on you, sisters and brothers - Russophiles, for I was totally lost in the choice between the two titles, both of which I love. 

  • The first one is a lighthearted romantic comedy with enough action in its core plot (to please the guys!), "Piter FM" (2006; in Russian with English subs). 
  • The other option - is "What men talk about" (2010; in Russian with English subs), a hilarious representation of the men's views on life - so brutally different from the women's ones and so intriguing for us, at the same time.     
Please, help me to choose between the two, by taking this 1-minute survey, or feel free to come up with your own suggestion.  
NB: In case you check the "Other" box, please make sure to specify the title of the alternative movie and be prepared to provide the video-file with English/Russian subtitles for the public viewing.
RSVP is required! 
Each lady-guest who 'répondez', will receive a flower  as a gift for this beautiful holiday! 
All the rest will be invited for the light refreshments and a friendly table-talk following the movie.

Look forward to seeing you then! 
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