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The Selected Proceedings of the Conference 
"The Years that Changed the World: Reflecting on the Russian-American Past and Framing the Future"
(American Councils for International education. Washington, DC. December 16 - 17, 2012) 

The link to the documentary film "Fort Ross: the Eastern Frontier of the Russian Empire", scripted, produced and directed by Catherine Trainor in 2011. 
  • Leonard Sanford. "Juno and Avos'": Romantic Echoes from the time of the Russian Dominion in the North American Northwest. PowerPoint Presentation
  • Marina Dullnig. "Good Luck, Captain!" The Back-story of the Shared Victory in WW II. PowerPoint Presentation
  • Natalia Krylova. 1932 - 1937 - 2012. the Milestones of the American Finns' Russian Saga. PowerPoint Presentation
The video of Arvi Perttu, the Author of "Papanin's Expedition" reading the excerpts of his best-selling novel. 
  • Helen Abramova. From Russia with CV: Challenges and Wonders of Professional Relocation in the Russian-American Setting. PowerPoint Presentation
  • Sergey A. Samoilenko. Building Intercultural Bridges through Communication in the Globalization World. PowerPoint Presentation. 
  • Е.В. Восторгова. Что такое развивающее обучение по системе Д.Б. Эльконина-В.В. Давыдова? PowerPoint Presentation
  • С.Н. Цейтлин. Освоение языка как творчество (устная речь). PowerPoint Presentation. 
  • С.Н. Цейтлин. Освоение языка как творчество (письменная речь). PowerPoint Presentation. 
  • С.В. Волков. Преподавание литературы в школе: дифициты и пути их преодоления. PowerPoint Presentation
  • Н. Колодина. Языковая игра как средство обучения русскому языку. PowerPoint Presentation