Приветствую Вас, Гость
  Mikhail Lomonosov's Virtual Pantheon 

As the tri-centennial of Mikhail Lomonosov's birthday approaches, the "Russkiy Mir" Center is excited to announce an on-line contest for the best teaching module about this giant of Russian Enlightenment.  

The duration of the contest: October 30, 2011 - December 19, 2011.  

Eligibility: Any school/college/university teacher in the US who chooses to add this Russian element to his/her curriculum.  

Lomonosov's uniquely multifaceted personality allows to develop a great variety of teaching materials for the classes such as literature, history, science, fine arts, or cinematography. 
However, for this contest we will focus on four principal 

 Subject categories:  
 - Russian Language;
 - Russian History;
 - Russian Literature;
 - History of Science.  

Format requirements: You may choose any format to present your creative vision of Lomonosov's personality, scientific research  and oeuvre, and your module should include a lesson plan with appropriate lecture/discussion/audio-visual offerings, some elements of hands-on student activity, and the follow-up test materials. 

Evaluation criteria

The best teaching modules will be nominated in each of the above mentioned categories and within their respective educational levels, including: elementary, secondary, post-secondary undergraduate offerings. 
The modules will be evaluated based on:
a) The depth and/or the breadth of Lomonosov's life and work representation;
b) The diversity and consistency of teaching methodologies applied;
c)   The creative integration of interactive teaching techniques;
d)   The age appropriateness of the module.
Submission and selection procedures: All of the materials should be sent by e-mail in a single zipped folder with the name of the contestant assigned to the folder.  

E-mail for submission: RusskiyMir.WDC@gmail.com.
Please, include "Lomonosov" into the letter's subject line.  After December 19, 2011, the jury, selected from the American Councils' experts, will start the review process and by December 28th the winners will be announced. The best modules will be published on the "Russkiy Mir" Center website and the winning authors will receive Certificates of Accomplishment from the "Russkiy Mir" Foundation along with special prizes.     

As the contest gets underway (approximately by November 14), we will publish the list of supplementary materials concerning Mikhail Lomonosov that participants may find useful in completing their competing modules and in their future teaching practices. Watch for it on our website, section "RUSSful Resources".