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Revolutionary Show'N Tell - "Matryoshkas of the World Unite!"

A Revolutionary "Show’N Tell” Party

"Matryoshkas of the World Unite!"

October 25, 5:30 p.m.

It’s common knowledge that Matryoshka  (Russian nesting doll) had a foreign origin. It is believed that they were modeled after a wooden doll brought to Russia from the island of Honshu in Japan. (Interestingly, the Japanese claim their dolls were inspired by the work of a Russian monk!) Nowadays, in the world of globalizing markets, Matryoshkas seem to be making their way back to the international stage. An international shopper can find all sorts of esoteric Matryoshka designs on his travels worldwide. According to our undisclosed sources, some people are the happy owners of some wonderfully unique specimens. Why not brag with your hidden treasures by bringing them to our Matryoshka Show’N Tell Party? 

The anniversary of the Russian revolution (October 25, according to the pre-revolutionary Julian calendar) provides us with a wonderful international slogan for this event: "Matryoshki of the World Unite!”

If you don’t plan to be in DC on that day, feel free to send us your short (up to 4 min.) video or a link to your YouTube posting, to: russkiymir.wdc@gmail.com. 


The best examples of your pet- Matryoshkas, as well as the best associated stories will be published on the RusskiyMirDC-website. 

Let the world know and be jealous of your treasures! :-)      


Pastries and light refreshments will be served.

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